Food & Water Testing

With the new food laws, "Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006" becoming operational on August 5, 2011, in India, new challenges have emerged for the food companies. Food companies understands that in spite of the fact that many people, like producers, shippers, processors, distributor, handlers, etc., are involved in delivering safe food; it is food companies which bears the bulk of responsibility to deliver the safe and quality food since it is their name appearing on food packages and freight bills. Our food companies not only understand their moral responsibility but also understand the direct link between food safety and their ability to stay in business and grow their business more profitable. We helps Indian companies to achieve their objective by offering a wide range of food and quality testing services needed for bulk supply and export. Contact us today to get customized solutions to meet your food testing laboratory needs, some of the key services offered are listed below-

  • Microbiological analysis, detection, and identification of pathogens
  • Shelf life estimation of packed food
  • Nutritional labeling of food products
  • Fatty acid composition and trans fat content
  • Milk and mild product analysis as per EIC norms
  • GMO &NON-GMO by PCR/RT-PCR techniques
  • Confirmation of animal & plant origin by DNA analysis using RT-PCR
  • Rapid detection of pathogen in food by using RT-PCR technology
  • Analysis of drug residue, mycotoxins and vitamins by ELISA techniques.
  • Packaged drinking water as per IS: 14543
  • Packaged natural mineral water as per IS: 13428
  • Water for process food industry as per IS: 4251
  • Suitability for construction purpose as per IS: 456
  • Microbiological quality of water