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GTRL Education Support Program

As the leader in serving science, GTRL has both an interest in, and a responsibility for, inspiring tomorrow's scientists and engineers. The GTRL Education Support program is imparted through a non-profit organization under the name, "JAGRITI SOCIAL ORGANIZATION" It was created to give back to our community by supporting education.

GTRL believes that challenges for science education in countries with English as first and English as second language is slightly different. In English speaking countries, they need to just whet the interest of students in STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math. But, in countries where English is used as second language, science progress is impeded by English education. The Organization helps to fund a range of initiatives, including English education program, science education program, and basic computer education program at the school and college level.

GTRL Scholarship Program

GTRL currently provides one scholarship each year for applied research depending on the availability of fund. Students' areas of study include a range of fields vital to progress in applied sciences.